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Prefilled Beanbags

Prefilled beanbags are available from Cosh Living in all of the major centres.

Filling Your Own Beanbag 

All of our beanbags come with filling instructions., but, this is what you need to know:

COAST beanbags are designed to be filled with polystyrene beans (also known as ‘EPS’ beans or beads).

How Much Fill? 

BeanbagLitresCubic FeetKilos
Ottoman 180 6.50 0.90
Marine Bean Atoll 360 12.80 1.80
Marine Bean Chair 360 12.80 1.80
Marine Bean XL 380 13.50 1.90
Marine Bean XXL 750 26.50 3.75
Isla Ottoman 360 12.80 1.80
Isla Chair 550 19.50 2.75
Isla Lounger 800 28.25 4.00


Small, lightweight beads present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.

Safety Zip - You Need a Paperclip!

  • For your safety, the liner of your beanbag is fitted with a locking zip. This is a legal requirement. 
  • To open and close the liner, slide an un-bent paperclip through the top of the zip slider and use it to pull the slider up or down the zip.  

Beanbag Filling Technique - You Need a Buddy!

This is definitely a two-person job.  We recommend the following technique:

Marine Bean Collection

  • Deep breathe;  you can do this!
  • Unzip the liner (using a paperclip);
  • While one person holds open the liner, the other should slowly pour in the beans;
  • open the Sunbrella cover, put it on the floor with the opening facing up and put the filled liner on top of the opening;
  • Grab the Sunbrella cover by the edges of the opening and shake the liner into the Sunbrella cover - 4 hands are better than 2!
  • Once the liner is inside the cover, be sure to line up the top of the liner (mesh) with the top of the cover (handle) ...
  • ... and line up the liner zip with the cover zip

We recommend that you do not over-fill your beanbag – when you sit, you should be able to sink well into the beanbag without touching the floor

Isla Collection

  • Deep breathe;  you got this!
  • Unzip the liner (using a paperclip)
  • While one person holds open the opening of the liner, the other should slowly pour in the beans;
  • Shake the liner at intervals to distribute the beans evenly through the liner;
  • Fill to about 90% capacity - the liner should feel pretty firm;
  • Carefully pull the Sunbrella cover onto the liner

Please note that most polystrene beans will compress over time and that you may need to top-up your beanbag from time to time.

If for any reason you need to replace your beans, please dispose of the old beans responsibly - see recycling information below.

Download our Beanbag Filling Instructions.

Sitting in Your Beanbag  

The classic Marine Bean is primarily designed for lounging, not for perching. Achieve the perfect lounging position by lying your beanbag on its back (i.e. with the zip against the ground), then sink into the middle.  And relax.


Where to buy beans for your beanbag

Our beanbags are designed to be filled with expanded polystyrene beans (EPS) or bio / eco beans. You can generally purchase beans from the following retailers.  Most retailers will deliver.

Polystyrene Beans

KMART kmart.com.au 1800 124 125


SPOTLIGHT spotlight.com.au 1300 305 405
TARGET target.com.au 1800 814 788
AMAZON amazon.com.au -

Bio Beans

You can purchase bio beans from the following retailer.



envee.eco (03) 9338 0044 

Recycling Polystyrene

Polystyrene beans will last for a long time and should not need to be replaced.  Polystyrene does not biodegrade, but can be recycled and/or re-used.

There are now a number of government-sponsored and private enterprises that will collect or receive polystyrene for recycling. We encourage you to dispose of polystyrene beans responsibly. Avoid emptying your liner into the rubbish or into a recycling bin as most of the beans will blow away.

Damaged Liners

Damaged liners can usually be repaired or replaced.  Please contact us if you require assistance or advice.